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Study Hall can help!
For all students grades 3 and up!

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Individualized attention to help improve your student's  skills: Time management, Organization, Homework Completion, Study Skills, Focus - ALL  LEVELS


We help students be successful learners!  




*All students must be registered before taking part in any work-study or tutoring sessions. 

"From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything you have done for (my daughter) and me since we started working with you" S.O. Parent, Westbrook Student

"C came home last night so excited because she could do division!  She is never excited about math...!" N.L. parent, Eliot School, Clinton

"This is my first year of college and not knowing what to expect has been nerve-racking.  Study Hall has been extremely helpful because I am taking all of my courses online and it gives me a place to go to focus on my work. Nicki has helped me study and understand college life and has navigated me in the right direction". D.A.  Sacred Heart University

"I'm proud of myself" A.W. Morgan H.S. (after receiving final grades)

"I used two tutors at Study Hall when there was some material that wasn't clicking for me - both were awesome!"  A.C. Morgan High School

"Study Hall is a great place for me to just come and sit down, without any distractions, no parents, no phone, and just do my work.  It has helped me develop skills...and has been a big help so far this year" C.K. Hand H.S.

"Nicki (at Study Hall) is a good listener and helps me to break down the steps of my assignments into smaller, less stressful parts.  She gives me confidence in my future ability to do projects."  M.W. Guilford H.S.

Choose Learning Consulting tab to read more testimonials  



During this pandemic, we will continue to work diligently to ensure that Study Hall will be as safe as possible for our students and teachers.  Here's the plan:

  • Professionally installed HVAC air sanitizer and HEPA filters 

  • EPA approved cleaning products  

  • Attendance numbers  limited


Private & Small Group Tutoring  Services


In addition to

subject-specific tutoring (i.e. math, languages),

we can help your student...


  • Get organized

  • Improve Focus

  • Enhance Reading Comprehension

  • Take Productive Notes

  • Study Effectively

  • Write Quality Research Papers 

  • Compose Creative College Essays

  • Navigate the college experience

  • Learn English as a Second Language (ESL)

Custom tutoring & enrichment available for small groups & pods. Please let us know how we can help!


Study Hall offers both tutoring and work-study sessions.  Tutoring options include small group (4 students), semi-private, and private lessons for most subjects.  Work-study sessions are a great companion to tutoring and also very effective on their own.  Work-study sessions are teacher supervised and take place in two-hour intervals. They allow students the opportunity to work uninterrupted under the guidance of a teacher for maximum productivity.  Work stations are separated by tall dividers for better focus, noise reduction, and germ containment.  



Please ask about financial assistance if needed.

Study Hall is meant to fill a need for parents who are eager to find secure and affordable educational assistance for their children.

About the Directors

Nicki Dakis holds an MS in education and an MA in education administration and has worked as a teacher and professor of students grades 7 through college for the past 20+ years. (You can read more about Nicki and her experience with learning consulting in the "learning consulting" page.). George Atwood, MBA, has supported educational excellence through volunteer service for area independent schools and programs for the past several years.

Nicki and George, former residents of Madison and Killingworth respectively, currently reside in Clinton.  With six kids, Nicki and George have been there, done that, and are still doing it!  Our children are attending and/or have graduated from Hand High School, Hopkins School, Lawrenceville School, Georgetown University, Uconn Law, Colgate University, University of Vermont, and Tufts University. 

We look forward to helping your kids thrive!


Nicki Dakis & George Atwood 


*Study Sessions only and subject to availability.  Tutoring priced separately.  Registration required.  Price subject to change.

Located at the Glenwood Plaza, 153 Glenwood Road, Clinton- Just past Joel School, 4 MINUTES from I-95 Exit 63

Please see Registration Page for forms and pricing

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