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  • Where is Study Hall and what areas do you service?
    Study Hall is located in Clinton, CT. Most of our clients come from the surrounding towns of Westbrook, Madison, Guilford and Killingworth, but that is not required.
  • What are Study Hall’s Hours?
    Study Hall is open by appointment. Most tutoring sessions take place Monday through Friday 3-6pm.
  • Do I have to sign a monthly contract to attend Study Hall?
    No. There is a one time $25 registration fee to attend any Study Hall programs. Otherwise, sessions can be scheduled as-needed if you choose.
  • My child is having trouble with organization. Can you help?
    Yes. Executive function coaching is a primary function of Study Hall. It begins with an assessment of your child’s skills, habits and behaviors, which usually requires a minimum of three sessions. Please contact us for more information.
  • What does it mean that Study Hall is a nonprofit?
    As a nonprofit, Study Hall offers tutoring and other educational support at below market rates. Thanks to community support, we are also able to offer some need based financial assistance.
  • Can my student receive tutoring services online?
    Online tutoring is not as effective as in person for multiple reasons. In some situations, we can accommodate online tutoring.
  • My child has been diagnosed with ADD. Is that a problem?
    Not at all. Most learning challenges can be accommodated, although it is important to note that we are not certified special education teachers.
  • How can I support Study Hall?
    Study Hall relies on the generosity of others to support our programs and services. Donations are always appreciated and can be made directly through Venmo @Studyhallclinton or through Great Nonprofits Website:
  • My daughter is in kindergarten, can she attend Study Hall?
    Unfortunately, no. Study Hall is for students grade 3 and above.
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