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Nicki Dakis,
Executive Director

I was not what most would consider a "good student" in high school.  I was happy with B's and tolerant of C's. My goal was to never have to take a book home.  If I didn't understand something, I gave up easily.  I never felt that I was smart enough to be in the accelerated classes- and worse I was never encouraged to even try.  It was not until I was a junior in college when I had my "aha" moment.  Things finally clicked- I figured out how to learn and how to study. That was the start of my becoming a life long learner. 

My Story

Several years after college, with kids of my own, I decided to switch my career to education.  When I think back I don't know how I did it- worked full time with small children and pursued a Masters Degree at the same time!  I've been a middle school and high school teacher, a college professor (both traditionally and online), and have tutored many students along the way. Ironically becoming a classroom "teacher" wasn't really my goal, it was more a path that I took to be able to understand and focus on ways that students learn- or don't.  


After twenty years of teaching experience, I am concentrating my efforts on helping individual students learn.  I am convinced that most of us can overcome the small barriers that have prevented us from reaching our full potential: lack of focus, poor organization, ineffective study habits, etc...  My goal is to help each client reach their own "aha moment" 


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