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Among other things, this book does a great job illustrating the advantages and disadvantages of social media. Very informative. I strongly recommend.


Heading 1

A little less reader friendly than some of the other books I've read.  Stronger focus on ADHD but has good advice for parents of all types of learners.

This is a great weekly magazine for the family.  I highly recommend it to get teens interested in current events.


This book is a worthwhile read for parents with kids having trouble with executive skills such as task initiation. Gives good parenting tips on how to communicate effectively with teens.


This book is geared towards kids and younger teens and is a good resource for helping kids understand learning  and memory.  Another benefit is that it explains brain function in fun and simple terms, so even kids with no interest in science will find it interesting.


This is a great book for both parents and young adults to understand what is going on in the brain.   The author explains how the way are brains are "wired" affects our learning, personality, and interpersonal relationships.  He goes on to discuss how problems such as anxiety, depression, compulsive disorders,   and impulse control are all functions of different parts of the brain, and offers suggestions on how to combat some of these issues. 

Please support your local bookstores when possible

MORE Articles and Studies

The Effects of Sibling Competition,  Dr. Silvia Rimm

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